Written far long ago... :) 

An Ode to Young, J.

Young, J. is one friend of mine
And he is always there beside
Though sadly after only twenty years of existence
He left the world in a blunder.
It happened in a blur
But I remember it clearly
And while you are still here
Though the end will cause some tears
I am here to give this ode to the famous Young.

The big day came and everything was scattered about
The needle and bags were all lying out.
He slowly put his blood back into his body,
And took a deep breath feeling all tingly inside
He was happy and excited
Because today would abide.
Nothing at all could go bad.
Today was the triathlon,
The one he had been training two years for
And he was saving his last bag for forever more.

After succeeding, he’d be the first in his family to win the gold medal
But things were too good to be true. 
Once the race started, everything was swell
But when Jon felt his heart stop beating
It started going downhill
With no time to think, Jon fell down into the lake and stopped breathing
By the time the first aid caretakers realized that he hadn’t come up,
They went down to get him
But once they dragged his body out of the water Jon was already dead

Everyone was so shocked and surprised that they didn’t know what to do
At once, his autopsy was scheduled and the researchers dug into his body
They found out that Jon didn’t die by drowning, but by his blood transfusion
Jon had failed to clean the needle and the bag
Causing bacteria to enter his bloodstream
The famous Young, J. died by his own careless mistake
And so this is an ode to Young, J. who once was a wise wise man
Until things took a turn for the worst
This is why people are gathered here,
At this place today, on this sad sad day


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