So yes, I am making an entire post just for the link. I have to do something to credit the most amazing people I have not met! 

So, the movie was and is amazing! (And don't worry, there are no spoilers in this post or link!) And I think, one of my top favorite Pixar movies--I've already seen it twice in 4 days...and it came out 5 days ago now...  I knew they would do well turning out the ending for the Toy Story trilogy, but as always, the result was above and beyond expectations. The fact that they can nail a story and work sweet animation into that is just so sweet that I have no words for it.  (I get kinda speechless when it comes to watching a Pixar or Disney animated movie).  I mean, it would have to be good considering they spent 2 1/2 years alone on the storyboarding and story development! (That's the job I want some day). 

The other thing I really love too, is that they are truly thinking about the audiences. Just reading many books over the years about how much research they do for small details that hardly get noticed by some is incredible! They practice, and critique, and reinvent story after story (which is an understatement if you have ever read any of these books). Then, not only do they create an entire motion film, but a short and small clips to roll during credits! So you are really getting your money's worth when you watch one of their movies.  

So, to making a lasting and wonderful movie, again, congratulations to the director: Lee Unkrich, and to all Pixars!


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