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Self Love Part 2

Have been meaning to post for a long while, but haven't gotten around to making it a priority. But I received an email this week that adds to my last post of self love, so thought I would share!

Some back story on why I got this email: 
I joined a facebook group called Women Unleashed, which helps guide women creatives to use their talents and get the most out of their life. Part of being in the group includes weekly emails from the Founder, Amber Bonnici, about how to refocus ourselves and keep moving forward. The one she sent this week was titled, "Time for a heart to heart." In it, she writes:

Most still equate self care with being selfish.

Even if you say you don't think that way, there is this other voice in the back of your head who is telling you, you need to do more, give more, share more. That inner task master doesn't see self care as important.

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2:: Increases positive thinking
3:: Makes you le…

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