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30 Goals: Adobe Programs (aka Photoshop)

Only this past year have I really started using Photoshop more. I still use InDesign and Illustrator, but only when a project calls for those. My main concentration has been teaching myself how to paint in Photoshop. Which is a bit easier than painting in Illustrator, I think. 

I started by making a goal of creating one picture a month, and then sending it to my grandma. I thought it was a fun way to keep in touch, while also learning and practicing a new skill, and hopefully keeping me more on track. It has worked out fairly well, and if I miss a month or two, I catch up later. 

I don't think too much of the pictures I have made so far, but I'm actually having fun! Which is a big feat for me since I'm working on a computer. Usually technology and I don't work very well together. 

My process for accomplishing and continuing this goal:
       -make small and time sensitive goals
       -pick a topic or theme for a picture or multiple pictures
       -maybe watch a class or tw…

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