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What I've Been Doing

So I've been doing a lot of busy work. Busy work in the way of trying to figure out how to narrow my artistic focus. How to keep working on art daily and why I have trouble creating without outside pressure. How I get myself to sit down and see more results -or finished pieces and not scattered unfinished ideas.

It hasn't been an easy road and though I still feel as if I haven't physically produced much, I think the work is there and slowly adding up without me knowing. Just yesterday I realized I had no more pages in one of my sketchbooks. So I must be doing something. 

The good news is I'm feeling better about moving forward. I have found a few things that have been working and things I could do to help myself grow.

So here's to each new day. To discovering more about myself and to learning all I can.

Feel free to follow my journey as I post my mistakes and new projects.

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