"Why I'm Dysfunctional Today"

Things I've learned about being in the "real world" so far/or what I have experienced while still living with my parents:

   Since I now schedule my own work time...        
       I like to get projects done one at a time before moving onto another one, 
       which then results in me undertaking this huge project, and working on that-which is usually not that important-not getting anything else done all day, and then wearing myself out because I feel like I didn't do anything (since I haven't finished the project). 

        That being said, I think all projects I have will take 1-3 days tops.  Not even close.

        So then I tried to move on to scheduling my days about hour by hour, or 2-3 hours at a time.  This result?  Spending way too much free time on the computer and talking to friends, or not accounting for travel and eating time. 
Again, feel like I don't get much done. 

         I'm also working on a commission.  Guess how much other artwork I've produced in the month of being home.  1, maybe 2 things, with a few drawings.  FAIL. 

         Applying for jobs went pretty well...the first two weeks.  Now, I have all these potentials, but no signed contracts yet, and I've almost forgotten I'm still looking for a job... 

         However, little by little, things are getting done.  It's just taking me awhile to realize I can do a little each day, and then multiple projects can be done!  This is made possible by the  many many lists I keep around (I usually have at least 4 different ones going on.  Plus lists/notes for future things or things to remember). 

         I also am incredibly happy and have been for the most part since I've been home.  I'm trying to keep all of these happy moments and warm fuzzies, and remember them for when I get too crazy and need to step back.  So here's to beginning a new life! 


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