As life goes on, my appreciation for so many things increases tenfold. As the saying goes,

"You don't realize what you have until it's gone."  

Though sometimes you can realize how lucky you are, once it is gone, or situations change, you appreciate and love that time you had even more. This applies to life as it goes on. You can't recognize the great things until you have experienced the bad.  You cannot love and live in the moment until you realize how precious it is. 

As my life and the lives of my friends and family continue to grow in different directions, the more I understand.  The more all of us understand what a true community meant to all of us.  But it is not until we have left everyone that we understand this fact.  But our time that was spent together, the bonds we made, and the trust we gave doesn't leave us.  

So as we come together again, when we get the special time or moment to share with the ones we love, cherish it.  Life is uncertain and scary, but our love and passion keep us alive. 


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