Inspiring Music

These are some songs/artists that I have been listening the most to recently, especially while getting my creative juices flowing.  So I thought I would share with you.  And even though I'm only giving you a link to one song, you should check out their other songs too.
       ~Alexi Murdoch-All of My Days
Ever since I watched Away We Go, I have fallen in love with Alexi Murdoch.  He has a calming tone, but almost peppy and comforting tune/beat.  He is pretty unique.
        ~Ian Axel-This is the New Year
I cannot utterly describe my obsession with this song.  It is so darn peppy that I have unashamedly and repeatedly jumped up and danced and nailed the air guitar/drum instrumental part, or danced and blasted the music while in my car.
        ~Sara Bareilles-Sweet as Whole
This song is...awesome.  And inappropriate.  But Sara turns Taylor Swift bitchy songs into something beautiful.  You won't be able to help but sing along.
        ~Speechwriters LLC-Blood on the Frets
A really good alternative/indie kind of band.  Definitely applies in many moods and can be pretty entertaining.


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