So I was thinking a lot tonight about things I need to do and want to do.  One thing I realized is how much I have changed (and how much I haven't).  

Some facts about me: I usually follow people who take the lead
                                     I tend to think about the things people say a lot, especially in big  
                                             conversations, which is one reason I don't talk as much.  This usually 
                                             depends on what is being talked about.
With these things known, I am moving on.  My life that has passed has been amazing.  I am so glad I am the person I am today. 
There are times where I feel inadequate and stupid, but I have made it this far.  There are also many people I am smarter than as well, just as there are many people much smarter than me.  But given the opportunities that I have ahead of me, I have so many more possibilities to look forward to.  My memory may not be the strongest, but I have learned not to give up.  

This summer and this next year will most likely be one of the hardest times for decision and independence.  (Minus graduation and a couple years after that). 

I had a conversation the other day about America and its "self-esteem" issues.  He stated that people who have high self-esteem have more problems than people with low self-esteem.  They grow up believing they can do anything because we have been told that we can do anything we want to in America.  But when they finally go out into the world, the world is rough and hard and shitty.  Granted, everyone has a different story, but maybe some of this needs to be rethought. 

So do what you can, bounce back, and push forward.  Things can only get better if you act on them instead of settling and living in the past. 


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