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I had to post all of these. I found myself laughing at each one.  
Reasons: 1. Of course Emma would have a crush on Tom Felton. Have you seen him not as Draco?
               2. Emma is also adorable, and it's seems to be funny how she didn't really want to be famous, and 
                     now she's on a million and one covers talking about fashion.
               3. It's also really funny how each of these actors are trying so hard to be known as something other 
                     than being Harry, Ron, or Hermione. I don't get why, I know they are more than that, buuut, 
                     even if they are on Broadway, people will say, "Harry Potter is on Broadway!" Sorry, but it's 
                     never going to end.
               4. It's hilarious that Rupert is driving an ice cream truck. I'm sure whatever they want to do, they
                   could probably do it. 
               5. Daniel Radcliffe should have stuck with stage theatre.  He seems to be much better there. 

I hope these links made you day.  Look out for more to come!!


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