Work + Art = ?

I'm dedicating a post to briefly talking about how to work while also continuing to do my own artwork.  
If I'm being honest, this is probably one of my more productive summers.  I have never been very good at balancing art when I am working a whole lot.  Though senior year of college, I started to pick up the habit of drawing every day in my sketchbook to music (or when I forgot to do it everyday, I made up for those days).   After graduating though, it hasn't been quite that easy.  I was doing pretty well AFTER I finished working at Camp Jewell (so there was pretty much a whole summer missing), but then I "ran out" of sketchbooks.  Meaning I ran out of pages on the sketchbooks I wanted to draw in.

So far this summer I have completed 3 pieces, and have worked on about 7 pieces.  This is a very small number, especially since I might have a show in September (plus 1 of the 3 was a gift). 

On the upside though, I was able to create some more crafts and gain new ideas while teaching these past 2 months.  

So how do I deal with the constant struggle to continually make art?  
1.  I have started carrying a sketchbook with me pretty much everywhere just in case I do have some         down time or a random thought of inspiration.  I haven't particularly put it to good use, but it is a             start. 
2. I make plenty of lists, and always have something different to work on.  I found out I can't just work     on one project at once.  So having a variety of things to do makes it easier to pick up on something         based on my mood or the weather. 
3.  I still read many web comics and look at art everyday.  I don't necessarily always go in-depth to             learn about it, but it at least serves for inspiration and ideas.


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