It's a Beautiful World

Take life by the horns.  Go out there and just do it.  Don't let other people control your life.  Let them influence you, but only in a positive way.  Take things with a grain of salt.  Never be bored or tired of searching.  Life is searching and learning and striving for new opportunities.  Remember everyone is only pretending they know what to do.  You will figure out everything you are faced with in due time.  Everything happens for a reason.  Take advantage of the present that is given to you.  Be glad and happy that the past has happened.  Live with no regrets.  Wipe that dirt off your shoulders.  Everyone gets hurt sometimes.  But it's how we deal with it that matters.  So don't let life get you down.  Lift life up over your head and be strong.  Ignite that light inside you.  See it.  Believe it.  Share it with others.
You are strong.
You are unique.
You are beautiful.
Let the world see you.


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