I was sitting in an ampitheatre today  and I realized how happy I was.  I've been thinking a lot, and not all of it was good.  But then I realized, it shouldn't matter anymore.  I am still dealing with it and moving on, but that doesn't mean I can't be happy.  

I was sitting next to a friend, in the middle of listening to good music, with theatre tickets in my bag, people walking around taking videos and pictures, and people off to the side dancing.  And this is what I love.  This in the moment, art appreciation and pure enjoyment of the arts.  I felt so inspired and creative at that moment, as if I could never be more inspired before.  I want more of those moments.  And I think that is what I am truly working toward in the end.  To love life and be happy.  

I can't express in words the feelings of inspiration I had (at least not yet), but I hope that will be able to sense this newfound place too.

So enjoy life, and express your creativity. The world needs more of it. 

(Pictures soon to come)


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