Links of Not So Craziness

"There a very few moments in life that you get to sit back notice people’s genuine love of certain weather. Yes, everyone has a favorite season they love to chat about; but it’s very rare to find someone actually in love with a season. To be quite honest I still haven’t had that experience. I did, however, meet someone who made a convincing argument that perhaps it is better not to waste love on a season. They told me that loving a season is like loving a holiday, in the end you’ll find yourself chasing after something that happens regardless of your schedule and can’t care enough to come when you want or need it. They basically told me truly loving a season is like staying in a bad relationship because you’re afraid of being alone."
"say goodbye to that girl, who's forgotten her pride, say hello to the girl who is riding inside.
i am ready to fly, show me how to say goodbye to the old..."

I am using a bunch of links in this post because that is how I feel right now.  A bunch of things: all confusing and mixed up, but loving and so excited! But scared and not quite ready.  I am working toward this and just trying to organize myself while trying to find time to relax at times too.  I am being challenged this year in so many different ways, but my friends and family are my main inspiration, even when they disagree with me.  
I needed to update this, and get it across, because I've been so inspired and felt so much excitement and love this week, but it has been sooo hectic, and even now I don't know how I will get things done.  But maybe things are changing, and it's okay. It will be okay.  


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