This song could not get any better

No matter what, everything keeps coming back to me. 
I guess that is life though - otherwise how else are we supposed to learn? 

I have been thinking a lot today and in the past week, as what usually happens around Christmas time.

uld not
be the me I
am today witho
ut the help of every
person I have met. And 
even though a lot is in the pas
t, I will always have that time I spe
nt, and it will be mine and theirs to remem
ber.  So dream on I say.
I have finally been able to m
ove on, when suddenly, the unexp
ected happens. Now I am not so sure
again. But my mind says it will be okay, to
keep moving forward because things could not be
any better than they are rig
ht now. I have realized this Chr
istmas exactly how lucky I am and ha
ve been in my life. And I don't want to ruin
that. So though part of me has been left behind, I
feel fully recovered in almost all ways possible. Now it is time to
move on and r
each toward m
y goals no mat
ter how far they may be.


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