Since I Am Apparently NOT Going to Bed or Doing Homework...

Here I am trying to get away from everything, and I find myself doing the exact same thing as if I would be staying: nothing.
There seems to be so many things going on-both good and bad as always. More good than bad, but that doesn't mean I stop thinking about everything else. 
I have felt the need to write something the past couple of days, so here I am writing, instead of being accomplished or sleeping for once in my life when everything is quiet.
The problem is, the quiet also brings more thoughts, and more time for thoughts because they aren't meddled beneath the sound of chaos.
Things are clean and not so bothersome.
I only have me. Me and my thoughts.

I've realized that I have become more tired and worn,
only to things I once never seemed to care about, or even notice for that matter.

When suddenly, I am on my own and realizing that sometimes those comments do hurt.
What am I to do about them? I haven't really done anything about them my whole life.
So should I start now, or continue to let them roll off my shoulder?

There seems to be a balance somewhere, but I am definitely unbalanced in so many ways.
Sometimes the unbalance is good and surprising.
But not tonight.
Tonight I want everything to just be right.

It never is, but there is that small ray of hope.
The light spring tease among the long and harsh winter bitterness.

I can change it,
and that's exactly what I plan on doing.


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