In Between Stages

A lot of writing will be coming up - I need to get thoughts written out...

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately- about art and life in general. 
Now to put it into words... 
The one that I keep hanging on to is the word transition. 
Freaking transition.
No one said this would be easy.
No one agrees that it is easy. 
If it were easy, transition would be more of a movement or action,
when rather it is a state of mind, 
a long period of adjusting, 
an in between two times time,
an unsettling place.
This could go on forever to infinity. 
Every moment and passing second is a period of transition. 

But the dealing with transition is the hardest part. 
HOW do I want to transition?
WHAT do I want to transition to?
WHO do I want to transition into being?
WHEN do I want to accept and face this transition?
WHERE do I want to transition to?

Try answering those.  Except you can't. Definitely anyway. Sure you can maybe answer them for now, but those answers are most likely going to change tomorrow, or a week later, or a month later.  And where you are a month or year later, might coincide with your answers you give, but what is that likelihood? You only have so much power and prediction over this, so why try to find the exact answer now? Play around about, you might find that you are enjoying yourself. 


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