A Commission

I got my first commission the other day.  Everyone is excited for me. 
The problem is, I am more nervous than excited right now.  I am also stressed about it.  
It seems that I just added on yet another project to my list of never ending projects. 
No matter that there really is no deadline. 
Just to list them (for my sake as well right now)
Illustration: have only done 1 project so far, and working on thumbnails/forming out ideas for the next "three", plus my commission sketch
Animation: have turned in about 10 assignments (each one a sort of 'mini' project or tutorial. About to do a major scene and animation proposal for this weekend.
Drawing: have done about 5 projects in class time, have spent about 3 hours on the independent project (which will consist of 4 large pieces)
Painting: the 2 independent credits I have I have hardly worked on besides painting a canvas and finally buying materials and drawing out the map! 
Printmaking: finished 2 projects (3 editions each piece-3 copper pieces), and working on 5 copper plates now for the 3rd project

AND not to mention now being involved in Stander Symposium, and 3-4 exhibits between March and April. 
AND trying to look for a job
THEN account for working 10 hours a week, sleeping, eating, breathing, trying to hang out with friends and my boyfriend, maybe read a book or two, and researching/drawing a whole bunch either for classes or on my own. 

But everyone I have told about it is really excited for me. 
I'll let you know how I survive at the end of it all.  


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