An Artist

An artist is not just an artist by what he draws or produces.  An artist is an artist throughout life.  Through his words, ideas, actions, and creations.  
Every day a new challenge is faced.  
That burst of creativity does not come out without all of that time he spends practicing.  
How can one become an artist without learning about colors and technique and 
practicing that technique?  
Professional athletes do not become professional until after many years of practice.  
Only very few of us are born with great talent.  Most of the talented people you know had to work hard to make their passion their talent.  

Now when you look at a sketchbook, you can see all of the mistakes and terrible drawing s made to get to that one great drawing.  You can see the sweat, blood, and time spent on learning and perfecting.  THAT is what makes an artist. 

We [don't] try to avoid it, we strive to be it, and to always get better. 


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