The Art World

"The art world is a punishing culture.  It never feels as if you have done enough, achieved enough, and networked enough.  The wonderful aspect of a creative life is its open0ended nature, yet this lack of closure can drive you to exhaustion.  All too often success is met with more stress.  YOu expect more of yourself and push yourself even harder.  Working like this will exhaust you physically, emotionally, and creatively. 
You need to establish a system of rewards for small and big tasks completed.  Nothing is too small to celebrate.  Don't skimp with yourself.  Take pleasure in a job well done.  Sprinkle small rewards throughout a day.  Take a restorative moment.  Check to make sure you are taking time off from everything each week."
~Jackie Battenfield 
The Artist's Guide 

"You aren't going to get a solo show because of it, but if someone is thinking of the many artists whose work they saw that they think are interesting and you are this wonderful person who follows through and says thank you, they would think of you first."
~Andreas Kirsh


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