Accepting and Embracing

Life hardly ever goes the way we want it to.  With each encounter and each relationship, nothing is set in stone.  Accidents happen and life moves on. 
With my life, music has always been there. 
So for one of my scratch boards I am putting together a collection of lyrics (from many many songs) to create a sort of story about how life has come and gone.  It does not necessarily apply to only my life.  Obviously some lyrics I have chosen express the thoughts of the 
artists and musicians who originally wrote them. 
The purpose of this project is to explore language and the meaning of lyrics.  
As for the medium, I have always been fascinated by small writing.  With the scratching utensil, I can fit an immense amount of detail in a small area.  
Whether or not a picture will be included is still in process.  
For now, the small words will represent that from far away things are/can be insignificant.  But when you get up close and personal, things are much more important and vital to our lives and our hearts. 
I hope the words and story I chose to tell will reach out to everyone in some way.  


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