Making Art More Than A Hobby

Even though I have a degree in Fine Arts, and even though I am an artist, I don't work on art everyday.  I had this thought a long time ago that after college/after my degree, I would always be working on art somehow.  And drawing everyday would be a habit for me.  

The real news: that doesn't happen.  With anything for that matter.  I have been stretching just about every night for the past 8 years or so.  But it hasn't happened EVERY NIGHT.  Though I may have habits, I have this thing called laziness.  So does everyone else.  Some days I am busier than others, and don't get to stretch.  

What my point is: even professionals get bored and hate their work at some point.  I knew this before, but going through this whole experience brings it to a new light.  

So how do I get myself to come back to it?  Living.  Being in new environments.  Friends.  Family.  Music.  Nature.  I find all my inspiration from the world around me.  If I didn't go out and visit it every once in awhile, I would have run out of ideas. 

So though I haven't done much (major) artwork since I put up new art at Serendipity, I have been living my life.  I look forward to this exciting fall and what it may bring.  


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