Working From Home

Sounds easy right?  Working from home is too perfect.
In fact, it is so much harder than it sounds.

The perks?
Well, I never have to go outside if I don't want.
I get to make whatever projects I want (unless I have a commission I'm working on).
I get to watch t.v. and be in pajama's all day if I want.
I do not have to set any alarms and I can stay up as late as I want.

The downfalls?
All the distractions that usually kept me from doing homework, distract me from actually getting stuff done.
I have to schedule my free time.  I never realized how hard this was because I always had something else to do, or end dates where I had to actually finish projects and turn them in for a grade.
I have to motivate myself.  To get up, to create new projects, to frame/organize my old projects, to find a new community of artists, to sell my work, to make myself look like a professional artist, etc.  The list never ends.  It can be really daunting, especially after I look back on a month or six months and ask myself if I actually made anything.
I also have to budget myself a lot more.  Now that I am not living at home, no one is keeping me in line besides myself. Who is to stop me from going to see a $5 movie in the morning instead of looking for jobs, or trying to learn Adobe programs?

My constant struggles:
I'm always antsy.  I want to go somewhere or do something.  At least with jobs, I am up and a bit more active.  I have all this free time and huge lists of things to do, but the lists sometimes defeat and overwhelm me.  And I keep finding other productive things to distract me.

So my goal (and more to come around my next birthday: 24 goals for my 24th year) for this year is to really buckle down.  I think I can finally get somewhere.

Maybe I will even keep track of my progress on here!
Wish me luck!


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