If You Ever Forget...

Today has been unexpected so far.  And it has been wonderful.  This weekend is going to be really busy and a little bit stressful.  Even today, I have a list of places to go, things to do, and people to see (all while trying to find the best route to save some gas). 
But as I was eating breakfast and checking the usual social media websites, I kept coming across good articles (or photos).  And I have remembered this place.
The place where I feel cozy and inspired.  Where I can see a happy, simple, and quiet side to the world. It's a rare thing, and we often forget about it existing.  I find many things in this place.  And it's nice to have a calm morning before the "storm."

So if you're looking for that, maybe take some time for yourself.  Sit and think and relax.  Do something you love for 1 hour.  It will really make you feel better.  


And remember, 

"All the things that you had, aren't the same as what you hold."
-The Format


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