100 Happy Days

As more of my free time comes to an end, the more I enjoy having it.  Why would I not apply enjoying and living in the moment for all other moments?  I enjoy my job(s).  I love being able to create art and make new things everyday.  I love discovering new things everyday.  I love waking up to a fresh new start everyday. Come to think of it, I love life.  And I love living life.  
Life is full of ups and downs.  Why not love and accept all of them? 
We are told that you cannot understand true happiness until you have experienced or felt sadness. 
We cannot understand community until we have been alone.  
Embrace all of life.  If it is bad or painful, well the time after that pain will be that much
 greater and sweeter.  
In this generation/age where we want instant things and emotions, it is hard to see anywhere past the bad parts without trying to ignore them or shut them out.  
We should stop trying to ignore and run away from our problems, when we can accept them, overcome them and be happier.  

So today, I am starting the 100happydays challenge.


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