Being an Artist

So many words and quotes are flooding through my brain, and I hope to get them all out. 

It is not easy to be creative, even when we are creative "professionals." The next chapter in the book, "The Artist's Way," was discovering a sense of adventure.  

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.  Rather than enjoy the process, we become focused on the result. 
An adventure does not need to be large or intense to be adventurous and nutritious for our artist.
When we are fixated on getting better, we miss what it is we already are. 
To be an artist you must learn to let yourself be.  Stop getting better.  Start appreciating what you are.  Do something that delights you for no apparent reason. 
This is not to say you have to "give up" high art.  Instead, I am saying to try "Hi, Art!" 
As artists, we have a form of inner power the advisers can never extinguish or ultimately thwart.  And this is always the key.  
-Julia Cameron

To create, you must empty yourself of every artistic thought. -Gilbert
We are all born children.  The trick is how to remain one. -Picasso

The more I read this, the more it is growing on me and I am becoming more self-aware.  So far in my life, I have followed my inner voice for the most part.  I can point out some times when I was told "not to do" something because it would hinder my "career."
Such as, not to do theatre because it was taking away from my painting.
Not to sell myself short (where, I've thought about it and my prices a lot.  So far, I feel like I am selling my artwork, and starting a market and name for myself), which is still pretty good advice. 

I am happy with my life, and do try to take time to step back, but also enjoy the present.  I am lucky to have so many people and tools in life to have gotten this far.

It's not always easy to "be poor" financially, but I am definitely richer in love and spirit. 


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