6 and 7 of 7

Didn't quite get to 7 posts before I will be posting the list.  
So last minute things to know:

I will post a list of the title, size, previous price, and discounted price here on my blog.
I know that anyone looking at the list most likely won't be able to match the title to the artwork, but I thought a list would be a concise way of displaying what I have on sale.

But along with the list, I will obviously changing the prices on my website: 

I will also be putting the corresponding numbers (1-58) from the list here to the matching pieces on the site.  Meaning, if you work backwards, or think in words instead of pictures, you can read all of the titles first and then go to the site.
However it works for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me before tomorrow!


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