UD Athletic Logo

I had to talk about this, because everyone's (or most everyone's) comments are really getting on my nerves.  These are my thoughts...

First, as you noticed in the title, the logo is NOT for the entire UD, it is the new ATHLETIC logo only.
So, while most may not like it, you did still go to the "University of Dayton."

Which brings me to my second point, Dayton sports teams have *ALWAYS have been referred to as Dayton Flyers, not University of Dayton Flyers.  So why you are even looking for a "U" in the logo is beyond me.  However, if you really need a U, the bottom half of the D is supposed to be the U.  

Last but not least, the lines in front of the D is NOT a V.  Think of a plane dear folks.  The decorated tail.  That is what it is.  It stands for "Flyers."  So stop it with this venereal disease crap. 

Now, I know I'm in the minority of people who like the logo, but I do not agree with the University's decision to hire out to design the logo.  So take any more complaints to them, they might listen. 

*(may be overemphasizing here, but this is as far as I know)


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