Hell Week

So as of last Monday, my thoughts were:  I have only 3 more weeks to prepare myself for RAW.  I have hardly made any new and finalized "pieces" to take with me, and I have now been showing my college artwork for a few years now... 

My goal:  Put myself to work and get shit done
How: Give myself more thinking time, work time, and play time
Process: Go to bed at 2am and attempt to get up at 8am everyday this week
Results: Most of them good

Finished 1 project I had started a few weeks ago, completed 1 project (in a day!) I had planned to do last year, did a small painting of a friend, got an idea for the Dayton water project, and worked on some color scripts for American Pie!  As well as read a couple chapters in Artist's Way, writing and drawing some, and feeling overall pretty content and happy--as opposed to what might have happened to a sleep-deprived and art-deprived Sarah.

The only down sides: Obviously lack of sleep.  Overslept an hour on the second day... haha! 
I'm also freaking out about time management and worried if my projects I will end up with in the next couple weeks will be too rushed and not turn out well. 

What I learned: I have more energy and ideas than I sometimes give myself credit for

Will I continue doing this?:  Probably, just not always to this extent 


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