Struggles of Life

It has been quite a long time.

So long that I have been thinking more and writing less, so my thoughts are more scattered and less organized.  But somehow I was able to organize this into a much more simplified thought about one (mostly) topic.

Moving to a new city (finally!) with less familiarity, in a new job, surrounded by completely new things, I have learned a lot.

Balancing life and art is a daily struggle (Or even just balancing life and somehow trying to fit art in). Yes, I have a BFA and yes, I consider myself an artist.  But what can I do to push myself to be better and continue in an art direction when I can't get a full time job that is creative or art related-or even something I actually want to do more importantly?  Am I not working hard enough?  Do I not know the right people?
Maybe yes and maybe no (but really it's both).

Side note: I think one "problem" is because I am a "multipotentialite".  Watch this Tedx talk for an explanation. ...I could get more detailed into this, but will save comments for maybe a later post.

I can be scheduled and organized, but how do I schedule and actually keep deadlines for myself when there is nothing really important to finish projects for?
Sure I'm motivated and creative, and most of the time can start projects, but when and how do I finish them?  I want to sell my older pieces, but also need (and want!) to make new pieces - like, actual finalized pieces that are just as good - and hopefully way better - than my college work.

Getting an art job can be harder than it sounds in an actual city.  Meaning, in a smaller city,  I feel like I have stood out more.
I've realized how I take my talent for granted, and also how I still incredibly doubt myself everyday.

The good news is I still have positive friends and family and an incredible fiancé there to help me.

So through all of this, and all of life struggles we each have to go through, I'm wishing everyone good luck!  Life just keeps getting faster and crazier, and we need to take time to remember and slow down to refocus ourselves.  

Vi amo tutti!


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