Doing What We Love

A common phrase while finding a job nowadays is to "do what you love."

Sure, that is great, but how do you know what you love to do?  You find what you hate to do.  You do many things you don't want to do before you really begin doing what you love.  Coming to Columbus seems to have been almost exactly that for me.  Granted, I liked what I was doing for the first couple jobs I found, but it was the management and the company's "organization" that made me want to leave.   

So here I am, almost unemployed (not really, but it definitely seems like it...) and trying to find a job that can hopefully support my lifestyle and help me save for this wedding thing as well as a honeymoon.  

BUT I am a bit happier, because I got kicked in my ass a bit to work harder at what I want to do.  

I guess just another life lesson to go in the books...

So continue to be brave and try new things.  Because in trying new things, we discover ourselves. 


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