30 Goals

The list you've been waiting for! My list of 30 Goals before I turn 30! Granted, some of these may change or vary slightly based on how accessible things are. But generally, things I will be aiming to accomplish by the big 3-0. 

1. Attend a hot yoga class
     -I'm weird and actually like sweating

2. Travel to 5 new states

3. Be able to (consistently) make latte art
     -Obviously I'm going to take pictures and instagram this when it starts happening

4. Actually use Adobe programs for artwork 
      -Again, consistently

5. Bake something fancy
     -because I've been inspired by The Great British Baking Show! And it would be fun to bake more.

6. Go to a music festival

7. Illustrate a book
      -like actually finish illustrating a whole book

8. Travel camp across the U.S. hitting up National Parks
      -probably going to be pretty difficult to accomplish based on full time job schedules, but we can at least try!

9. Have a home studio art gallery showing
      -aka come over to our lovely home, drink some wine, enjoy some hors d'oeuvres, and look at all my "high class" fancy artwork/new collection. Haha!

10. Make a small garden or participate in a community garden
       -because we all know about my "green" thumb

11. Take a martial arts class
       -I've taken one before, but want to give it another shot. Or at least just get some time at hitting a punching bag. I've heard it's a good stress reliever.

12. Consistently volunteer somewhere, or multiple places for that matter!

13. Meditate
       -I've learned different techniques, now to put them into action!

14. Finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Italian

15. Learn the art of cocktail making
       -Or just act like one and make a few fun cocktails in the meantime...

16. Read classics I haven't read yet... any ideas?

17. Take another theatre class or try to be involved/volunteer at a local theatre

18. Make a workout regimen and stick to it (at least for a period of time)

19. Go skinny dipping
       -Got to live a little!

20. Go to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls

21. Learn to snowboard,

22. Scuba Dive,
        -Not sure how or when I might accomplish this

23. Sail,

24. Shoot: bow and arrow/gun/crossbow,
        -Whatever may be available. Preferably a bow and arrow. And then pretend to be Katniss, or Legolas, or Merida...

24. A dance,

25. Play guitar
        -Giving this music thing another shot

26. Swordplay
        -Becuase it's in every epic tale!

27. Go on a local winery or distillery tour
        -Have done this one too, but what's a few more tours...?

28. Visit at least 5 more coffee shops on my coffee shop list

29. Do 30 days of something
        -To keep in theme with the 30 list and inspired by the Whole30 that's come up recently.  Could be anything, so who knows!

30.  Keep a blog about this list and write about my experiences!
        -May be a cop out goal, but a goal nonetheless!


  1. This is a great list! Pat and I are getting a National Parks Pass, so if you guys make it out to CO we'd love to camp with you!



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