New Artwork

Working with Flash on the computer: Just a "advertisment" But I worked with pictures and some graphics. Surprisingly, it took me about 90 minutes to do this.
My mom's Mother's Day gift.
Medium: Pastel
Meant to put these in reverse order, but oh well. Close up of graphic painting-above lips. Can see the black words showing through the other layers of paint.
Close up #2
Close up #3
The whole picture. This was my painting II final.
First layer meant to be a topographical picture made with words from Sin City and Watchmen. In acrylic.
Second layer: the primary colors and teeth in oil
Third layer: The T's and L's, added to try and get a comic book feel. Oil.
Fourth layer: Outline almost everything in black. Oil.
Also, the white on the bottom lip is intentional. I was trying to copy the style of a black and white Sin City woman.  I think it was successful, but it still seems to be confusing for most.
Finally, Narrative painting.
 Used The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot
Took Part I and turned into a multi-media piece...sorta.


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