Always so many things going on. 

Taking time to relax is always good. Luckily, one of the ways for me to relax is doing art.  So I could theoretically also be productive while still relaxing...

Wish I could enjoy time more,
or go back to make it pass more slowly.

This is one of those times were i feel inspired and just really calm. 
In a thoughtful mood.

Like a watching P.S. I Love You mood
A good music and sad movie.

So much to say and so much to do,
but if not today, tomorrow will come. 
Before we know it, our whole life is gone. 
Best enjoy it while we can. 

Go out and live;
live to do good
and live to be happy.
Stop fretting the small stuff, 
it will soon pass before you even notice.
So sip the coffee or hot chocolate 
and watch the sunrise



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