Told You So

I am in that peaceful and happy state where I never really want to leave.  Even though today's weather was cold, my heart and smile were warm.  There have been lots of rough times, but for every hard day, God has still provided a good day.  I cannot be thankful enough.  Sometimes I wish I would just realize it sooner.  
The lights are off and the shine from the moon and decorative lights are the only things which light up the house.  Everything is peaceful and quiet.  This is one place I love being.  Almost in eternal bliss. It is the calm at the end of the day, but just enough of the right light to make you feel home and cozy. 
And also somewhat artistic. 
So I listen to beautiful music which I have provided for you in the link.  Good music for this moment right now. 
So I will leave you with your own thoughts. 
Feel free to let your mind wander and calm itself. 
Relish the moment.

 Told You So
When the world is wide, wicked and wild
and watching my every move
I gather thoughts of you and that's what lovers do.

You've said before when every act is a war
and every shade, just another shade of blue
you'd have me walk with you and that's what lovers do
When you go walking away with the wind and the waves and
flirting with your feet,
you take a part of me and that’s what lovers feel

And when you come upon a time and place sublime and it
shows you something real
you wish me there to see and that's what lovers feel

At a party I've thrown the morning has grown and
someone's going your way
you tell them you'd rather stay and that's what lovers say

So to the garden we go, quiet and slow and we
watch the world awake
you know I love you for loves sake, isn't that what lovers say?


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