More and an infinite number of pictures will hopefully be coming soon.
(That way you don't have to read all of my silly thoughts).
Just got to figure out how to get them here. 
(My internet and photo program is being strange). 

On the other hand, I have been somewhat accomplished! 
So hopefully that can continue as well.  

Random thoughts for today:
Have you ever had one of those moments where you remember a situation exactly once you repeat the action?
You can completely forget it, because it is just an ordinary thing.
But a year later, you're doing the same thing, and that day,
that day that happened approximately 365 days before is fresh and crisp in your mind?

Hanging out with old friends who you haven't really hung out with in a long time can be very awkward.
They could also be just as crazy as when you hung out that long time ago. 

Being able to really belt songs makes me feel happier and more energetic.


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