Quoted T.A. Barron

Memory can be hot as molten lave, or cold as a frozen glacier. 
But it's rarely reliable.  Even when it comes back to you, clear and true, it can vanish on the next gust of wind. 
Sometimes, it's not really even a memory.  Just a hint, or a glimpse, or a mirage.  Yet strange  as it sounds, that sort of memory can be the truest of all.

I learned something valuable that day-a lesson I've never forgotten.  It's worth listening well to what you hear.  No matter how bizarre the story...or how bizarre the storyteller.

Who was it who warned, be careful what you wish for?  Whoever they were, I'd like to crush them under a mountain of boulders.  Tear out all their innards.  Roast them over searing hot flames.  And then...I'd tell them they were right. 

Size is more elusive than I ever guessed.  It's less something you see, more something you feel.  The same person can feel as huge and enduring as a mountain, or as small and transient as a breath. 

Change.  What a paradox! The more you do it, the more you don't.  The farther you seek it, the nearer you find it.  The less it's in your world, the more it's in you.

Wisdom, like those who possess it, comes in all shapes and sizes.  That much I've learned, often the hard way.  Yet despite all their differences, truly wise people share the same understanding: No matter how much you know, you still have a lot to learn. 

To know who you are, it is less important to find who you were than to decide who you will become.

Journeys take endlessly varied forms.  They are ultimate shape-shifters.  Only one thing do all journeys have in common: Somewhere, perhaps when you least expect it, they begin. 

What you see is temporary.  What you cannot see is eternal.  That's why I always prefer to look with eyes closed...and heart open. 

The older I get, the stronger my hearing.  Not because my ears are any better, mind you-but because I've learned how to listen.  Hearing less talk; hearing more truth. 

Funny thing about awareness: What is right there in front of our eyes is often harder to see than what's missing. 

Some words, I've found, carry more weight than others.  There are even words that, like literary oxen, bear enormous loads of meaning and metaphor.  Yet there is no word, in any language, that carries more weight than this one: friend.


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