Today as well as many other Days

What have I done today?  Oh, I have accomplished things, but not really things of importance. I finished reading a book that was the last part of a trilogy.  I finally added on Google+, I am about to start another book, while also doing a few sketches and going to bed at the end of today.  And I feel great. Well, maybe not great, but good. Two months to go for this semester and though it hasn't been my hardest semester, it has definitely been hard in different ways.  
So though I have not written in quite awhile, I have thought about it many a time. 
My blog may not just be for my "readers," though there are few, but also for myself.  To keep myself sane, and to just put thoughts out there.  
Things are changing and they are changing fast, but maybe not in a bad way. 
So keep a look out for when things finally come. 
But in the meanwhile, enjoy today. Enjoy the weather before the snow hits too hard here. 


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