Shaun Tan
       The first book I picked up from the library one afternoon happened to change my life forever.  ...Well maybe not exactly like that, but it's damn good.  I had never heard of Shaun Tan until I read this book of his.  Turns out he is actually pretty famous.  Some of his known works besides these two books are as a theatre designer and a concept artist for Horton Hears a Who and Wall-E.  Since I have found out about Tan, he has been an inspiration for me to keep drawing and to maybe even create my own books later on in life.
        Basically I am just introducing you to a great Illustrator and story teller; I'm not telling you anything about these books.  That's for you to check out.  They will take you about 10-30 minutes to read tops.  Or about an hour depending upon how long you like to look at pictures. 

Feel free to visit his website for more information!


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