Taking Time to Understand Time

I have, and I think many others have realized that if we do a little bit of a project each day, results will show after a certain period of time.  But there lies the problem.  In almost everything we do today, we want every result to be instant.  When, in reality, that rarely happens.  So when we don't see the results of our own work every day, we can easily be discouraged.  

The past 6-7 years I have been stretching [almost] every night before going to bed.  Just this past year have I added doing push-ups or sit-ups as well as stretches.  It is not until now (years and months later), that I am seeing results.  Though they are small results, I get feelings of big accomplishments.  When I started this, my goals were low.  I really just wanted to do something small everyday to maintain my flexibility and start muscle strengthening.  
So what have I gained?  
                Not only have I maintained flexibility, I've increased my flexibility 
                My arms and stomach are becoming tighter and more toned   
                And my energy has seemed to increase

What I'm trying to get at is that with everything I am doing today/now, I have higher expectations and higher goals.  So when I start working on a project, sometimes I expect to finish it a lot sooner, and I want results within the week usually.  But that does not happen.  The more time that goes by, the more I am experiencing this, and I am somewhat learning how to spend my time, and how much time I will need to spend.  It sounds incredibly easy, but with a constant culture of instant results, it is hard to remember how much time it takes to see results.   Especially now that I have "more" time to myself or "more" time to focus on a couple of things, instead of being pulled in 20 different directions due to school work, classes, and grades.  

And even though I know this, and I have realized this, and I have experienced it so many times, I still get frustrated.  Maybe with more time, it will become easier.  I guess the best hope is just to be patient.


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