Good News!

My portfolio is 98% done!!!  The only thing left to do is finish my commission, take a picture, upload it to my computer, and put it in my portfolio.  Then BAM!  I can print out my portfolio and make it fancy, and start putting up prices here for YOU!

I can't give you a preview of pictures, but some fun facts:  
       It's 116 pages long (including all of the tabbed pages and image list).
                        It will feature 'new' artwork that I do not believe I have included on here before.
And I will probably include the price list soon so everyone can get an idea on prices and spread any       interest in buying around. 
              I might include some free give-a-ways at some point after the New Year as well.  

So many new and exciting things coming up!  Be sure to keep a look out!


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