Italy: Day 2

[Day 1 of Italy continued...]

So we went out to explore! Ended up getting tickets (pretty good deal too) for the Colloseo, Foro Romano, and Museo Palatino (Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Museum/Palatine Hill) . Our first guide was an older woman was just as excited as if we were her first group she was giving the tour to.  We walked all around the Colosseum-inside, in the atrium, and out.  She was very adamant about showing us the best place to take a picture, but we had to listen to her whole spiel before we could go to the best spot to get pictures and then wander on our own.  She was very informative and spoke with not too heavy of an accent (out of most people there we could understand her fairly well). 

(maybe not the best picture we got, but a pretty good one)

After we "Romed" (hah!) around the Colosseum, we headed over to the next tour meeting spot to continue our way to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.  Our second tour guide (a former fellow American who had lived in Rome the past 5 years),  was just as informative and excited as the first tour guide.  Sarcastic even too! It was awesome to walk around and hear what he had to say. Despite how much I had forgotten since high school, I feel like I learned a lot from him. 

(view from the top of Palatine Hill)

(having fun, but oh god it's so hot!)

Afterward we continued to explore and then decided to head to Trastevere for an early dinner. 
Trastevere is a small area where there are many universities, therefore "naming" it the "hipster/hip" place to go in Italy.  It has that small town, but cute and quaint environment to it, and is the home to many artists.  I wish we had had more energy/time to walk around and explore this part of Rome, but alas, we did not. 

Anyway, we went to dinner at The Mirror Pizzeria for our (really Tim's) first Italian pizza experience. They had some decent food for a pretty good price and we were too hot, sweaty, and tired to continue a few more blocks for the original place we had wanted to stop at. After dinner, we walked back to the Colosseum (because our AirBnB was literally a block away) for some gelato! (For those who are curious to what flavors, I had a banana lime and white almond while Tim got a vanilla bourbon and banana fennel).  And then decided to go back to our place and promptly pass out. 

                                       (Our view from the end of our street where we stayed) 


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