Italy: Florence

My first thoughts before leaving Rome: "Spending three days in Rome should give us plenty of experience to be able to figure our way around Florence right? We'll be fine once we get to there, the directions are pretty straight forward, it will be a breeze now!"

Riiiiight. Because we totally knew all of the small city names around Florence and therefore knew exactly what bus to take where! Hah! And finding the bus was just too easy.  We just waited around the bus station looking at maps and the bus schedule for an hour for fun! Haha! 

It's much easier to laugh at now, but when you're really hot, have 4 bags you're dragging around, can't communicate or read well in another language, and not sure how to find the bus you're supposed to be on, it's not as fun as it sounds.  The irony about it is that when we got fed up with finding the bus we compromised to start walking in the direction of the AirBnB and as soon as we walk out of the building, what do we see? Our bus. Woohoo! Get to our drop off fine after that. Walk along the street where we are supposed to stay and realize the numbers jump from 63 to 105.  Of course the address we had was 67.  Luckily we ran into someone coming out of one of the apartments shortly after and they were very polite and told us about the internal addresses.  Turns out we just had to turn down a street and there were more apartments behind the ones facing the street.  (This is what happens when I don't properly read all of the information provided before getting there.  Our host and tour guide actually gave us specific instructions on how to get there... sooo lesson learned!)

Our host was really nice, and provided us with breakfast foods (and coffee!) and even limoncello to celebrate our honeymoon! Despite the slightly creepy artwork, it was a really awesome place to stay and they we're very accommodating.

 quaint little area!

our street across from the walled in park (which you had to pay to go through :/)

First dinner experience in Florence was one of my favorite spots we went to. Such a cute area with an open back patio! The food was excellent and we were able to enjoy homemade ice cream and lemon sorbet. 

All spoons should be made like this! Never again will they fall into bowls!

Over all a pretty relaxing and enjoyable day! Next up-wine tour through Tuscany!


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