Here Goes Nothing

            To answer my own questions from last week...

How do you use creativity in your day to day life?

            If setting alarms on 5:53 or 6:02 or 6:57 is considered creative, then I definitely do that.
            I usually start my day (drive to work) with music, so whatever is in my CD player to give me a kickstart as well as thinking about lyrics (or trying to figure out what the lyrics are)
            Throughout the day I am usually trying my hardest to make latte art.
            Coming home from work is where it really starts to become challenging- how will I spend my time?  I am pretty much never bored, so there is an endless list, but I try to mix it up some and just follow my instincts.
             Believe it or not, dinner is usually the most creative part of any day.  Even if meals are planned, I am always trying out spices or trying to figure out what spices might taste good together.  I channel my inner Food Network show cooking skills to help me out and sometimes pretend that I am on Chopped and have to put these random foods we have left into a meal. 
             After dinner if I choose to do art, I am doodling to see where the lines take me or coming up with an endless list of fun projects. Or journaling, or drawing characters, etc...

These are some of mine, but definitely not all.  The list seems to accumulate in many ways everyday since I grow and learn from each day to the next. 

Where do you think your creativity originates?

             Mostly from being a human being and automatically a creative and physical being.  But mostly from juxtaposed colors, people and how they interact with each other, music and other ways people interpret life, books and stories, and nature.
             More deeply, it originates from my soul.  My memories of a young child, of traveling, of creating other things, of sports, of friendships, of love. 

Question for next week:  If you could choose someone (dead or alive) to be your private mentor or tutor, who would you choose? 


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