Quotes from My Pride by Alton Fitzgerald White

I just finished reading this book, and I am so awed with White's journey and his gratitude and openness to share his successes and failures. Even though he doesn't go into much detail about his time with The Lion King, I feel that knowing his backstory and everything that lead up to him gaining (and maintaining) the part of Mufasa has made me connect with The Lion King even more.

This book is helping me ask questions and give some thoughts into introspection. I'm so excited about some of it, that I wanted to share parts of it with you.

Ironically, the very things we naturally love to do often bring us the most uncertainty, the most discomfort. But that's because they are so important to us, and so revealing of who we are. The good news is that the more we let the world see us as we really are, the more support we find from the people who matter. Going forward and doing what we love, whether it's singing or sports or making robots, can actually give us the will and the nerve to pursue our dreams. And developing and maintaining the courage to continue investing in them can put us on course to realizing our wildest fantasies of success and making them come true. 

Moving through the downside of your life cycle will aid in tapping into hidden spiritual and creative resources that will keep you centered and focused on moving forward. So, expect delays in gratification and welcome them as new opportunities to learn and to exercise your own best self. Hold out for what is ultimately best suited specifically to you. Keeping your eye on the prize, no matter what happens, keeps you on course to fulfillment.

When overcome with doubt, your passion to share your gifts must outweigh your fear every time, making it that much more important to acquire nurturing tools to help you maintain your mental and physical stamina. Practices like meditation for stillness and clarity, psychotherapy for maintaining positive mental health, and yoga for spiritual and physical balance and strength can counterbalance inevitable setbacks. Engaging in these spiritual practices can help replenish your well of optimism and help you nourish your spirit, as well as your dreams. 

No matter how hard you strive to make your dreams come true, dealing with setbacks that leave you drained and frustrated, you must never believe that you are entitled or that the universe owes you anything. Entitlement is the opposite of gratitude, and surrendering to the illusion that life owes you something will not get you where you want to go. Gratitude prompts you to be appreciative for being blessed with unique abilities, talents, and gifts. It makes you thankful to have been given something special to be passionate about and to share with the world. Deep, sincere appreciation must embody all that you work diligently for and should always be a dominant characteristic at your foundation, reminding you why you are pursuing your passion in the first place.


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