The Middle

To quote two good friends: Koz and Katelyn

"So when you say that statement about, "Man this break went too fast." What you are really saying is..."Man these moments were amazing and I hate leaving them." But that is the thing! You never leave them. They stay with you. You can't get rid of them no matter how hard you try. That is what makes them awesome! That is why I believe when people call me nuts or a weirdo...I believe I am giving them memories of happiness. That is my only goal in this provide happiness. My friend Phil found that in me on Saturday when we caught up and laughed and cried and man that time went fast.

But, now I see these moments of passing as a point of happy expectation. It took 14 years for Phil and I to see each other again, but that time went fast. It is going to go fast yet again and it will only lead me to see him again, because we are rolling already...time rolls so that I can have great moments for me in the future. So when you feel time passing you is passing till you get to the next great moment. Mine is a baby. Yours might be a girl or a might be an might be just seeing an old friend. Whatever it is your moment...and seconds are flying till you get it. Wow, how time can fly!"

"We live in regret...but the way we move beyond the regret and guilt is to humble ourselves at the feet of those we hurt...pray that they forgive...and remember good days are ahead with trust in God and He will take us there."


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