Truth and Secrets

Overwhelmed with inexplicable feelings that I need to share.
The night opens up all possibilities of truth and secrets
that may have never been told before.
The truth bites like a shark and is soft as silk,
Roller coasters of emotions spinning round and round the room
but everyone is in tune to themselves.
Self-awareness can be good, but when we're all involved, things can be forgotten.

So many things going on and so many things to do,
But time is still passing slowly, waiting for us.
Until we realize it, it will never stop.
Barriers are broken and relationships are rebuilt,
Freedom is rushing through you,
Things are forever changing,
The least we could do is accept this change.

Lost in the lyrics of an infinite world,
my heart racing will hardly slow down,
Excitement and confusion and love are bouncing off the walls,
Barely containing myself I somehow fall asleep
And it feels all wrong.
I should wake up and try to do something about it.
So I am


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