Modern Nature

So I'm very lacking on updating. Trust me, things have been busy. And when I finally realized that we start school again in about 3 weeks, I realized how much I still haven't done!! Though painting the house has been more than a side detail the past two weekends, so it's been occupying me. But when it's finished I'll put pictures up on facebook. 

Anyway... I've started on some monologue ideas, and then I realized that they're supposed to be about gender issues.. so here are the ones I started with just to get ideas going. ..hah! Feel free to take any ideas and run with them for anything else! These are just for fun reading and thinking if you would like to do so...

At least one point in our lives, we all wish that we could be cloned to help deal with everything that goes on in our crazy lives.  Or like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), just want to a clone (or many clones) to go to school and do our chores for us. 

Shopping seems to becoming more of a hassle these days.  It's hard to find someone that doesn't walk into a store without a coupon in hand. Or, if there isn't a coupon, you think that the items in the store could be found online for a cheaper price.  If you are online, you want to walk into the store first to make sure the price you would be paying for online is the best deal, and that the cost of shipping and handling would be worth it.  But each time we buy something, it will be sold cheaper somewhere else.  

That's about it. Make sure to check out the link. As usual, it has nothing to do with the post, but just a sweet song by an incredibly good artist. :)


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