QC quotes

So finally giving you some awesome quotes from an awesome webcomic! (They are from older ones, haven't updated too much... oops. But I hope you enjoy them all the same, or at least get addicted to the comic yourself!)
*Quick, placate the other patrons with your rosy cookie gases!-#73
*I just imagined you with a white-trash ‘stache and it made me very very sad. -#76
*Flavors of the day: latte with bourbon-flavored syrup, fried egg mocha, shot of espresso and a punch in the mouth. -#82
*Vodkoffee! latte of DOOM -#101
*“In Soviet Russia, cake mixes you!” -#145
*Damn, either my lie-dar isn’t working or Dora has been replaced by her alternate universe twin, who is also a nun.   An entire alternate universe of nuns! The Nuniverse! -#230
*Our culture doesn’t get smarter, it just finds new ways of being retarded. -#239
*When talking about human experience, it all comes back around to poopin’ eventually. -#270

*I’m a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an AWESOME rack.-#542
*Faye: “Hey, after the amount of shit I’ve put you through I refuse to let you settle for some mediocre girlfriend. You deserve the goddess Athena herself”
Marten: “Knowing my luck, she’d be on the rebound after a messy breakup with Ares and not in the mood for commitment.” 
Dora: “You know what they say, never trust a girl who leapt full-grown out of her father’s forehead.” -#547

*“At least they’re not one of those nauseatingly cute couples.” “Just nauseating.” #772

*“Oh yeah. I also drink seltzer when I want pop, eat rice crackers when I want chocolate, and listen to bluegrass when I want death metal. I’m getting a Freaky Popeye Forearm. My right hand just filed a RESTRAINING ORDER. I AM JUST A TINY BIT BORED WITH IT.” #808
*“I will not tolerate mutiny! Not even if chocolate is involved!” #835
*“Oh god, you’re right. What the hell is wrong with me?” “Right now, I’m guessing blood sugar. Go eat a cookie.” #858


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