Cheery Family Christmas Cookie Baking

One of my favorite days of the year.  And it has been continually expanding.  Every year, my family and I get together for one whole day and just bake all of our Christmas cookies.  

From what I can remember, it started with me and sometimes my mom going to my grandma's house and helping her bake cookies.  A few years down the road, after one particularly full with overflowing dessert Christmas, we decided we should cut back on some of our cookies.  Each family was making about the same ones, but we were eating less and less of them.  

So we decided that next year we would just make them altogether.  

Next year rolls around: my grandma, my mom, my aunt, two of my cousins, and I baked many dozens of cookies, stored them in tins, and we were finished for the holiday season!  It was so much fun.  We played Christmas music and tasted cookie dough all day.  

This year it was our fifth year doing it I believe.  This time, for about the third year, my sister-in-law was there too!  And though I had to leave early for work, we had already made at least 10 dozen cookies.  Plus, it's the family time that really counts. 
And it was awesome.


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