Shout Out to Adam Ellis, mostly.

Another GREAT blog.  It is not updated regularly, but when he does update, it is always guaranteed that you will be lol-ing for real. 

He always knows how to take real life and make it into a greater story, or to say what everyone is usually thinking, and illustrate it to a higher and more extreme scale.  That is true talent.  I also want to try this more often whenever I go people watching now.  And yes, all artists go people watching.  We like to observe. 

And while I am doing another shout out, I thought I should include a post from Muddy Colors again.  Muddy Colors is probably my favorite blog to get art updates and to learn many new things.  It serves as my art class of the day kind of blog.

I hope you fully enjoy both of these.  Now go out and read more webcomics! (Or any comics really)


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