New Favorite Hobby

Today, I had a few hours between my two jobs.  So while I ate my lunch, I began to look at the people around me (not that creepily however) and make up stories for them.  I would interpret how they were eating and sitting and try to figure out their personality and figure out what they were doing with their day.  

So for example, there was a young man, probably in his mid-twenties, wearing a suit and tie, and sitting near the window looking out between bites of his sandwich. In my mind he became a young entrepreneur, still learning about his new job that he got.  Was trying to relax and get away on his lunch break while wishing he could just go home to see his friends/not wanting to be here working in this crappy weather.  He doesn't have a girlfriend yet, but does like a girl he has been hanging out with recently.  Etc, etc... 

Even just by doing this with the few people I saw at lunch today, I think it opened my awareness to others' composure and body language.  Maybe it will keep my memory sharp and I will be able to draw more people. 


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